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Township of Carlow/Mayo Building Department helps to ensure public health and safety, fire protection, resource conservation, environmental integrity and accessibility although its primary purpose is the promotion of public safety through the application of appropriate uniform building standards while safeguarding buildings where we live, work and play, are safe.

The building department reviews permit applications, issues permits, and conducts inspections in accordance with the Ontario Building Code, Township Comprehensive Zoning By-law and other legislation.

Also the building department performs preliminary reviews of building projects and provides zoning and Building Code information to the public, committees and other agencies.

Building Department staff would be happy to discuss your building plans, answer any questions, and help guide you through the permitting process. Please contact the building department office or the municipal office to schedule an appointment to ensure that the Chief Building Official is available to meet with you.

Chief Building Official Operating Hours

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Building Permits

  • Projects That Require a Building Permit

    Under the Ontario Building Code Act, a building permit is required to construct, demolish, renovate, alter, install or change the use of a building. The following is a list of typical projects or situations that require the issuance of a building permit prior to construction:

    • New buildings or structures greater than 15 square metres (160 ft²) in area, measured by the outside dimensions. This includes sheds, sleeping cabins or other accessory buildings or structures, including sheds and shed packages purchased from a store.
    • Additions to existing buildings or structures.
    • Renovations that involve structural framing.
    • New or replacement decks.
    • Replacement of windows or doors if the rough opening size is enlarged.
    • Relocation or addition of plumbing fixtures.
    • Replacement of interior water supply or drain pipes.
    • Repair or replacement of all types of building foundations.
  • Projects that DO NOT Require a Building Permit

    It is not necessary to obtain building permits to perform the following work. However, you must still comply with the requirements of the Township of Carlow/Mayo’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law and, if applicable, the Ontario Building Code.

    • Accessory buildings with a floor area of 15 square metres (160 ft²) or less.  Note: Zoning By-law requirements must be followed.
    • Fences.
    • Swimming pools and hot tubs.
    • Replacement of plumbing fixtures (toilet, sink, bathtub, shower, hot water tank) in their original locations.
    • Replacement of windows or doors provided the rough opening size does not change.
    • Replacement of shingles or other roofing material.  However, if you are replacing or adding new roof trusses or rafters or changing the roof material example, shingle to metal, a building permit is required.

    If the above lists do not include specifics related to your project, or if you are not sure whether a permit will be required, please contact the Building Department.

  • How do I get a building permit?

    Please contact the building department to obtain a checklist of requirements specific to your project.

  • How much does a building permit cost?

    An Additional Administration Fee of $ 50.00 will be added to all Permit Fees (except $ 50. 00 Demo Permits).             

    Building Types Fee payable per square foot
    Minimum Building Permit Fee


    Residential Dwelling (seasonal/hunt camps) $ 0.75 per square foot
    Wood stove/Chimney/Plumbing $ 100.00
    Renovation $ 50.00 plus 1% of construction cost
    Garage/Accessory Building/Deck $ 0.25 per square foot
    Farm Building $ 0.30 per square foot
    Commercial/Industrial/Institutional $ 0.50 per square foot
    Change of Use $ 50.00 plus 1% of construction cost
    Demolition $   50.00
    Residential Sewage System
    •  Class II & III
    $ 150.00
    • Class IV & V
    $ 450.00
    • Repair
    $ 200.00
    Swimming Pool $ 100.00
    Stop Work Order/Order to Comply with Act or Building Code $   50.00
    Work started without obtaining permit $ 300.00
    Building Permit Renewal (bi-annual) $ 100.00
    Other structures (towers, etc) $ 8.00 per $1000.00 construction value
    Designated Structures (retaining walls) $ 100.00
    Re-inspection $ 100.00


  • What happens if I build without a permit?

    As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that a building permit is obtained, even if you are hiring a builder or contractor. If you are unsure whether you need a permit, contact the Building Department to inquire.  The Building By-law and the Ontario Building Code Act have penalties of up to $50,000 upon conviction for illegal construction. The costs to the property owner becomes much higher due to legal/engineering requirements.

  • When do I need an inspection?

    Once a building permit has been issued, there will be several inspections required at various stages of construction.
    You are required to notify your Inspector once your project reaches a point where you are ready for each required inspection. The inspection is conducted using your copy of the approved permit plans. The Inspector must be able to see the entire building component being inspected. Any components that are covered before they have passed an inspection will have to be uncovered so they can be inspected.

    The schedule below lists the various inspections that may be required for your project. Please note, not all inspections below are necessarily required for your project. Depending on the building project, multiple inspections can be conducted during one site visit such as: framing, HVAC rough in, and plumbing rough in.

    If you have any questions about the required inspections for your project, please contact the Building Department.

    Required Building Inspections

    • Footing inspections are required at completion of formwork, before pouring concrete.
    • Plumbing rough in requires inspection of any plumbing rough ins below slabs prior to placing concrete.
    • Foundation inspections are required once the foundation is complete and prior to backfilling.
      Framing inspections are required once the structural framing is complete and includes all floors, walls, and roofs including truss packages.
    • HVAC rough in inspection required before installation of insulation is complete.
    • Plumbing rough in (water supply, drains, and waste vents) require inspection and testing at rough in stage before fixture installation. Often times the plumbing rough in inspection corresponds with framing and HVAC rough in inspections.
    • Insulation and Vapour Barrier inspections are required once the electrical and mechanical rough ins and the insulation and vapour barrier installations are complete but prior to installing any interior finishes.
    • Fireplaces, solid fuel burning appliances, gas appliances and chimneys/flues require an inspection at the start of installation.
    • Occupancy inspection is requested prior to occupancy of any portion of a dwelling and corresponds with the heating and plumbing final inspections. Some major areas that are inspected are:
      • Stairs
      • Handrails
      • Guards
      • Wall ceiling and floor finishes
      • Building covering
      • Doors and windows
      • Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
      • Exits and access to exits
      • Exhaust fumes barrier for attached garages
      • Electrical
      • Heating
      • Plumbing facilities
      • Protection of foam plastics.
    • Final inspection is required once the project has been completed as per plans and specifications.
  • Other Permits & Approvals

    • Electrical Permits and inspections fall under the jurisdiction of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). It is the responsibility of the homeowner or builder to contact the ESA for proper approvals.
    • Septic System Permits and approvals fall under the jurisdiction of the Township of Carlow/Mayo and ARE required as part of the building process.
    • Entrance Permit are required to install a new entrance on your property, to change the location of an existing entrance, or to install a second entrance. Entrance approvals are handled by the Roads Department.
    • New civic addresses (9-1-1 numbers) for vacant lots are acquired through the Township of Carlow/Mayo municipal office.
Eddy Whitmore
Chief Building Official
Address: 3987 Boulter Road, Boulter Ontario K0L 1G0

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